Handling Heartburn While PregnantMany women experience heartburn during pregnancy. Heartburn, also known as acid reflux, can happen for many reasons, and it can be extremely uncomfortable and even cause vomiting. Pregnancy-related heartburn is caused by the changes in the body’s hormones along with the way that the stomach is affected by the changing size of the abdomen. However, there are easy ways to cope with heartburn or to prevent it by using these methods. Here are some ways to help you handle your heartburn while pregnant.

Stop Eating Greasy or Spicy Foods

It is a good idea to stop eating greasy or spicy foods during your pregnancy. While you may have cravings for these types of foods after your morning sickness ends, you may suffer from severe heartburn after eating foods that are deep-fried or that contain chili powder, garlic, or cayenne pepper. Avoiding these foods can help you keep from getting heartburn in the first place.

Try Medications for Relief from Heartburn

Even if you follow the above steps, you may still experience the dreaded heartburn. However, what heartburn medications are safe to take when pregnant? To protect your health and the health of your unborn infant, you will want to take safe medications for heartburn. Look for a natural antacid that is made from organic ingredients that are plant-based, including a variety of herbs and spices. Make sure to read the medication’s label before using the product to understand the proper dosage, and also, talk to your obstetrician first. This will ensure you are only taking the safest medications.

Prop Up Your Body While Sleeping

During pregnancy, finding a comfortable position for sleeping isn’t easy, especially as your abdomen grows larger. One of the things that you can do is to sleep propped up to avoid any indigestion. You can do this by using special pillows in your bed, or alternatively, you can buy an adjustable bed that will lift the upper part of your body. Some women will sleep in chairs that lean back slightly with a footrest so that they can avoid any heartburn.

Consume Smaller Portions of Food Frequently

Rather than eating a large meal, you should consume a smaller portion of food. You still need to eat enough calories, so you should plan on eating five or six times a day. Try to stop eating several hours before bedtime so that you won’t have heartburn while you are trying to sleep. Of course, your cravings and needs may prevent you from doing this all the time, but if you try to adjust your habits, it will become easier for you to eat less, more regularly.

Chew Your Food Carefully and Eat Slowly

For many pregnant women, morning sickness makes it difficult to eat anything. However, when you are able to eat, chew your food carefully and eat your food slowly. This will lower the chances of heartburn, and also helps you in following the above steps regarding smaller portions. Also, make sure to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water to reduce the formation of acid in your stomach. By chewing slowly and spacing out your meals with plenty of water, you will reduce the chance of having acid reflux.

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Reduce Your Stress Levels

When you are feeling a lot of stress, your body’s glands will produce cortisol, which can cause anxious feelings. If you are anxious, then you are more likely to have indigestion with heartburn. Make sure to reduce your stress by meditating or by enjoying gentle physical activity.

There are lots of small ways your body can make you extremely uncomfortable during pregnancy. But know that you don’t have to deal with acid reflux all the time, on top of everything else. Follow these steps to reduce your heartburn while pregnant.