Pregnancy makes lots of changes to your body. What was once normal suddenly becomes unfamiliar and confusing. Sometimes it can even be scary. You start scouring the internet looking for answers, which only makes things worse. You can make it a little less scary by monitoring your own vital signs at home. Consider these ways monitoring your own vital signs can make your pregnancy smoother

You learn what’s normal for you

Have you ever gone to the doctor and they check your blood pressure or weight and ask if the reading is typical for you? Often, we give them a blank look and shrug or give a hesitant yes because we’re not really sure.

If you monitor your own vital signs, you’ll learn what’s typical for you. You’ll be able to answer that question for your midwife or doctor without hesitation. You’ll be able to record your readings to show them your usual results if something is unusual.

You’ll be on top of it when there’s cause for concern

By knowing what’s normal, or confirming what’s not with your doctor, you can easily tell when something might not be right. You can find used patient monitors for sale that will take readings for your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen levels.

If preeclampsia is a concern, you’ll be able to track your blood pressure and see when it’s trending in the wrong direction. You’ll also be able to see if changes you make are having any impact. If you notice your temperature rising, you can get ahead of a fever before it can be harmful to you or your baby.

You’ll be able to reassure yourself

There will be plenty of calls to your OB, whether to figure out if your contractions are the real deal or Braxton Hicks or if that fluid is your water breaking or just that you peed yourself a little.

By monitoring your own vital signs, you can ease your mind about some things. You won’t be trying to get in to see your doctor every day because you’re worried about your blood pressure or that your heart is beating too fast. You’ll be able to see the numbers for yourself and save the calls for the bigger issues you can’t monitor yourself.

You can avoid unnecessary office or hospital visits

By monitoring your own vital signs, you avoid unnecessary office and hospital visits where you, and your unborn baby, could be exposed to viruses and bacteria that could make you sick. You can talk with your doctor to find out at what point you can’t monitor at home and only go to their office or the hospital when it’s truly needed.

With the right equipment, monitoring your own vital signs is easy to do at home. It can ease your mind and save you more than one call or visit with your doctor. When you’re busy growing another life, anything that gives you peace of mind should be welcome.