The Pros And Cons Of Expungement In A Career Woman’s Life


If you have ever experienced getting arrested in your life, then that means you have a criminal record. If you have committed your crime in a state that allows you to clear or expunge your criminal past, then you are lucky enough to consider the benefits of expungement in a career woman’s life.

The policies and qualifications for an expungement varies state by state. However, there are a few general terms and advantages of applying for expungement.

Moreover, one must understand the terms expungement. The term expungement is generally synonymous to the words set-aside or record clearing in the legal field. Also, record sealing is another term for expungement but with a few subtle differences.

Understanding Expungement

Expungement, or also known as expunction, refers to a court-ordered process wherein the legal record of a person’s criminal conviction or arrest is erased or “sealed” in the eyes of the law. The process of expunging a criminal record is also given reference to “setting aside one’s criminal conviction.”

Moreover, the procedure for expungement varies according to a state or country where the conviction or arrest occurred.

Usually, no record of expunged conviction or arrest ever appears when a potential employer, company or educational institution administers an inspection on their public records or does a background check on a career woman’s criminal record.

Pros And Cons Of Expungement In A Woman’s Career Life

Are you trying to consider expungement of your criminal records but wonder what are the advantages and disadvantages to it? Let us examine the pros and cons of expungement for a woman’s career life.

1.) Employment

The main reason why some people want to have their criminal records cleared is because they are having troubles in finding a job. In fact, around 80% of employers conduct a criminal background check on their employee candidates.

  • You can truthfully say you have never been arrested: Getting convicted or arrested poses a risk in your future career. This is why plenty of clients want their records expunged so they can confidently say that they have never been arrested or convicted for a crime. If your state’s policies indicate you are eligible for an expungement, then it would be wise to follow through with removing or clearing your offenses.
  • Do it ASAP: Don’t be too confident if you have been working at a company for a long time amidst having a criminal record. New management may come and do a background check on all employees. Doing a background check is a quick, trouble-free and affordable task for the employer. Before it’s too late, go to the nearest legal office and have your criminal records expunged.

2.) Finding an apartment

Landlords also do background checks on their candidates for lessees. If your criminal background shows up as having been arrested or convicted, then the odds of finding an apartment or place to live may be at a minimum. Further, landlords may not see you as a standard tenant and if they do accept you, they may charge you a higher rent and require a bigger deposit amount. Worst case, the landlord may not even allow you to rent the place.

3.) Gun rights restoration

Some states allow a person’s gun rights to be reinstated if their criminal record is deleted. Remember, expunging your criminal record clears or sends your conviction into oblivion. It’s as if your crime never happened. Thus, since your record becomes clear, it means you were never found guilty of a crime making your gun rights automatically reinstated. However, it is important to know that some states differ on laws regarding gun rights restoration, so do your research on your state laws.


Truthfully, the disadvantages of expungement are minimal. It will only cost your time and money. However, the main issue lies on private entities that put your photos and records in public but do not authorize eradication of records from their databases.

Further, most of them will charge you a bigger fee if you intend to do so. Just remember that expunging your record does not mean with certainty that your past records and accounts are no longer available somewhere online.


There are indeed a lot of advantages after expungement in a career woman’s life. This includes the possibility of getting hired, finding a place to stay, and restoring her gun rights. On top of that, it gives you a peace of mind since your criminal record is cleared. The bottom line is expungement offers you a second chance.

Meanwhile, various laws and jurisdictions have different requirements and qualifications before granting an expungement. Click here to hire a lawyer who can advise you regarding the rules, requirements and other preparation before eradicating your records. Contact a qualified lawyer to initiate the process.



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