Wearing Mom’s Prom Dress Is the latest trend for Teens


Wearing Mom's Prom Dress

Prom dresses are a tough decision to make. With so many options at your disposal, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Let’s not even discuss the prices of these expensive prom dresses. So for cheaper and more affordable options, you can look at different directions. One of the great options for procuring a prom dress is renting a gown. This works perfectly given its benefits of low cost and an array of styles to choose from. Jessica said, designer of JJ’s House which has a great collection of prom dresses, another amazing alternative is to revamp your mother’s prom dress. This option had been trending in 2018 and will definitely pass on to 2019. Read along to understand all the ways you can revamp your mother’s prom dress.

How to Revamp Your Mother’s Prom Dress?

As discussed previously, the task of revamping your mother’s vintage prom gown can seem intimidating. So this is how you can revamp and refurbish that old yet classic gown and transform your look.

1. Alterations:

To begin the revamping you will definitely need to alter the dress to suit your body type. If you’re extremely lucky you will fit right in inside your mum’s gown. However, for the not-so-lucky ones, it is better if you get professional help. Since these gowns are dainty and may get damaged.

2. Dye:

Another great way to trend-up the outmoded gown is to change up the color. This step will work best provided the existing gown has a light color. Colors like beige and white make the dyed color pop. So you can discuss this idea with your mom and glam up your prom dress.

3. Sequins/Beading:

If you feel that your mom’s gown is not glamorous enough then you can glam it up on your own. All you need is a bunch of sequins and/or beads. You can either stitch them or attach them using super glue. Make sure you don’t make a mess out of it.

4. Makeup and Hairdo:

Sometimes all you have to do is let the dress be. Instead, you can amp up the look by creating a spectacular hairdo. Or you can make your makeup the hero of the outfit. You can either create a statement smoky eye look or have a bold lip look. The prom dress can be left as is which will make both your mother and you happy.

Why is Wearing Mom’s Dress a Great Option?

  • Wearing your mom’s prom dress is a great idea because it is extremely cost effective.
  • Secondly, it brings out a lot of nostalgia for your mom which helps your mom feel involved.
  • Thirdly, having a prom dress from your mom’s era can be timeless and magnificent.


Having your mom’s dress can be amazing for both you and your mother. It takes little to no investment and with a few stitching and altering you can make great use of it. Make sure to style it and glam it up with great makeup and hairdo.

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